Additional Services

Heating Services in Juneau

In addition to our regular work with pipes and heating systems, we also offer a number of remodel-focused services including everything up to general residential remodel. If you're looking to have some plumbing or heating work done concurrently with a remodel at your home, we are the perfect solution that will you get the lowest price and least amount of hassle possible. 
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Sewer and Drain Clearing

Back into one of the more practical realms of protecting your home against the elements, sewers and drains are important components of any structure that ensure that water doesn't accumulate and cause damage. Any problem with a sewer or a drain that needs clearing needs to be handled right away, and have the equipment and experience to do it in a flash.

Relocating Toilets and Sinks

Need to move or remove a toilet or a sink for regulatory reasons, or for any reason? No problem. We can be in and out in a flash after business hours and finish before opening, helping you stay square with the health inspector without creating a hassle for your customers.

Septic System Repair

Septic systems are a wondrous invention that for the first time have allowed people to still enjoy the joys of running water without having to be in direct proximity to a municipal sewer system. These systems are great, but sometimes they break down and need a little bit of love. Our expert team can be out and have your problem fixed in a flash, no sweat, no hassle. We will take care of every little problem right away, and then you will never have to deal with any big problems.
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